The total satisfaction of my patients! That's my main objective. Each procedure is carried out with professionalism, ethics and I make use of best practices to always obtain the best results. 

Facial Beautifying

Facial Beautifying

Procedures based on an aesthetic analysis performed to rejuvenate, beautify, refresh and harmonize the face.

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Beautifying corporal

Beautifying corporal

Specialized procedures that are performed to mold and embellish the body.

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Other surgeries

Other surgeries

Procedures for the reconstruction of congenital, secondary, trauma or post-surgical defects.

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Where do I operate?

All the procedures were performed in IQ InterQuirófanos, a surgical unit with hospitalization service, located in the city of Medellín, whose operating rooms have great technology and the highest standards of quality and service. Ten years of service to our patients have catapulted us as the best plastic surgery unit, aesthetics of the city and country of its kind. Around 50,000 surgical patients have undergone surgery and talk about the seriousness, support and security of an institution that invests every day in biotechnology, human resources and process innovation, thinking only of the patient.

I have a specialized and trained team to offer each of my patients a pleasant experience during all stages of their procedure.

Sala de cirugía
Cama de recuperación
Torre médica

Happily patients

Since 1998 when I finished my specialty I set myself a goal: to give all my knowledge and surgical skills to the service of people.

Today more than 10,000 patients can vouch for my services and my delivery to them.

  • Deisy  Múnera

    Deisy Múnera Medellín, Colombia

    I am a business administrator and I am fortunate to have operated with Dr. Lara because beyond his professionalism and human quality, the accompaniment of his team at IQ are the final result to have happy clients thanks to the best clinic in the country and the best plastic surgeon. God bless you."


  • Leidy

    Leidy Panamá

    I am a cosmetologist and about a month and a half ago I performed breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Juan Carlos Velez, I was really satisfied with the results, the services provided during surgery and care are excellent. Totally recommended, very good surgeon."


  • Daniela Uribe Restrepo

    Daniela Uribe Restrepo Ciudad de México

    I am a sales consultant in a tax firm called Mconsultores in Mexico City. I underwent a rhinoplasty with Dr. Juan Carlos Velez Lara, his work seemed impeccable to me since he was not satisfied with my face because of my imperfection; the surgery completely fulfilled my expectations and I would recommend it with confidence since I am now completely happy!


  • Marcela Jiménez

    Marcela Jiménez Canadá

    Juan Carlos is a professional and competent surgeon, in addition respectful and very careful with his patients; he always answered all my questions with frankness and clarity, he was always honest with the expectations I should have of the surgery. The results exceeded my expectations."


  • Diana Lourdes

    Diana Lourdes Panamá (Piloto)

    "CAPTAIN OF AIRLINE B 737. Three years ago I traveled to Medellín to have a rhinoplasty with Dr. Vélez Lara.  It was an excellent experience.  I arrived at the clinic at 7:00 am and by 9:00 am I was in recovery to go to the apartment. I didn't feel any post-surgical pain and I'm happy with the results.


  • María Alejandra Martínez

    María Alejandra Martínez Medellín - Colombia

    I am a pianist, I am 22 years old, in December 2015 I was operated by plastic surgeon Juan Carlos Vélez Lara in IQ Interquirofanos. The result exceeded my expectations in every respect. The doctor was supremely careful with infection prevention and pre- and post-surgical care which not everywhere is so careful. I would certainly recommend surgeon Juan Carlos Velez Lara to anyone who is about to undergo plastic surgery.


  • Natalia Ceballos Calle

    Natalia Ceballos Calle Boston, MA

    A long time ago I wanted to improve my physical appearance but making the decision was crucial. The doctor made this easier by explaining the procedure in detail and giving me the confidence to make this surgery possible. I must emphasize the kindness of all the staff, the excellent service, and the warmth of the medical team. 
    I really liked the result of my surgery, because I chose the best plastic surgeon.


  • Vincent Van Gelder

    Vincent Van Gelder Curacao

    "I had my upper eyelids operated last year by Dr. Velez Lara. The result is perfect. There are no scars at all. Within 1 day I got up and walked through a shopping mall in Medellín. The service before, during and after was first class. But above all, Dr. Velez Lara is a very good surgeon.


  • Julia Maydankina

    Julia Maydankina Rusia

    "Я, Юлия. Финансовый менеджер и я из России. Когда я первый раз познакомилась с доктором Хуан Карлосом, сразу знала, что могу ему доверять, что помимо своего профессионализма, он человек, который слушает своего пациента. Я встретила своего ангела!"


  • Yessica Yepes

    Yessica Yepes Medellín

    "Hello, I had an augmentation mammoplasty with Dr Juan Carlos Velez in Interoperative surgery and I was happy, he is a very professional person who cares about the welfare of his patients apart from the great security that provides you, I recommend them completely.


  • Victoria Eugenia Meneses

    Victoria Eugenia Meneses Medellín

    For all IQ InterQuirófanos staff, my sincere thanks for all the delicacy in the care and impeccable human quality. From nursing assistants, nurses, nurses, physicians, general service staff; their commitment and dedication to the patient are outstanding.