Skin cancer surgery

What is surgery?

Skin cancer surgery is a procedure performed especially in patients with tumors that due to their extent or complexity need an anatomical reconstruction of the affected area.


The Procedure

To eliminate skin cancer, depending on the case, different types of surgery can be performed, the simplest being simple excision, when the patient does not require hospital admission and in which the surgeon uses local anesthesia to remove the tumor along with a small amount of healthy skin from the margins.

For certain skin cancers with a high risk of spread, other treatments, such as radiation or chemotherapy, are sometimes given after surgery.

It should be noted that surgery is the primary treatment option for most melanomas, usually curing early-stage melanoma.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is known that 90% of skin cancers "melanoma and non-melanoma" are caused by the sun. But in 90% of cases they are cured with an early diagnosis. Early diagnosis of melanoma is synonymous with cure. 

It is the dermatologist, the skin specialist, who makes the diagnosis by examining a suspicious lesion. To confirm the diagnosis, perform a simple procedure called a skin biopsy.