Hand surgery for trauma or congenital malformation of the hand

What is surgery?

The most common procedures in hand surgery are those for repairing trauma, including injuries to tendons, nerves, blood vessels, and joints; broken bones; and burns, cuts, and other skin damage.


The Procedure

The most common Hand Surgeries are performed to repair internal injuries to bones, tendons, nerves, blood vessels and joints; as well as external injuries such as burns, cuts, and other skin damage. To achieve this, the plastic surgeon can use a variety of techniques such as skin flaps, tissue transplants, and skin, bone, nerve, or other tissue grafts taken from another healthy part of the patient's body.

Even in severe cases, surgical techniques allow to improve the functional and aesthetic state of the hand, for the latter, the patient must be aware that several months of rehabilitation may be necessary.

In certain cases, it is possible that several spaced interventions may be necessary to achieve an optimal functional recovery outcome.


  • Improved functional and aesthetic condition of the hand.
  • Ambulatory surgery.
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Frequently Asked Questions

This procedure has the typical risks of a surgical intervention, which, however, in the hands of a specialist plastic surgeon are very small.

The final result depends on factors such as the previous situation of the hand, the type of injury (tendinous, bone, skin, joint, rheumatological) and mainly on rehabilitation after the intervention.

The recovery time for this type of intervention depends largely on the complexity of the surgery and its healing. For a time the patient may have his or her hand immobilized; in order to speed recovery and restore functionality, physical therapy with supervision by a physiotherapist will be recommended.

The immobilization time can range from one week, to four or six weeks depending on the type of injury. This time will be analyzed and accompanied by both your surgeon and your rehabilitator.