Breast reconstruction after cancer removal

What is surgery?

After a person has had a mastectomy, this surgery will allow the breasts to return to their natural shape. 

The Procedure

In this surgery the implants are placed under the skin and muscles that remain after mastectomy, the procedure will be performed in two stages.

In the first stage, an expander should be placed under the chest muscle, which will gradually fill with saline solution. After the chest tissue is expanded, the second stage is continued, the expander is removed and replaced by an implant. 


  • Natural result.
  • Aesthetically pleasing shape.
  • Comfortable Postoperative.
  • Harmonious volume.
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Frequently Asked Questions

This procedure can be performed in the same surgery as the mastectomy or after a few months, this will depend on the patient's preferences and the indications of the oncologist.

In this case the age is not an inconvenience, any woman is a candidate only the indications of the oncologist should be kept in mind.

Reconstruction does not make it difficult to find a tumor in the future. It is recommended that the patient continue with frequent check-ups.