Reduction Mammoplasty

What is surgery?

When the breasts generate back pain or affect self-esteem, it is necessary to perform a reduction mammoplasty to reduce the volume improving its appearance. 

The Procedure

This surgery is performed under general anesthesia. An inverted T-shaped incision is made, then a portion of fat, mammary gland and excess skin is removed to achieve the desired size, finally closing the stitches.


  • Improved appearance and reduced size 
  • Absence of drains.
  • Firm breasts.
  • Improves posture.
  • Backaches disappear.
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Frequently Asked Questions

If your size is larger than 34 or 36, or if you have back problems, such as posture or pain, this surgery is right for you. 

The breasts will be completely covered for the first 7 days by a bandage, it is essential not to raise your hands, make efforts or pick up heavy objects from the floor. Antibiotics are essential in the first 5 days to avoid infection and not to wet or remove bandages or cures. The revisions are usually done on the 5th, 15th and the month. The use of the bra is essential during the first 3 months so that the tissues heal in the right place and the ptosis or fall of the breast is delayed.

This surgery often requires correction or a second stage at 6 months or a year because the breast tissues and skin can cede easily due to the effects of gravity and movements.

The scars in this surgery are usually large and long, so the care is essential for its appearance to be the best and most appropriate. The use of micropores for the first month prevents them from becoming enlarged or hypertrophic. Subsequently, the application of healing and moisturizing creams helps to prevent pigmentation and bad appearance. The healing process is variable and unique in each patient and usually the time of maturation of these is one year.

Most of the time, the nipple areola complex is integrated from the upper part of the breast, so breastfeeding can be done without difficulty. It is important that during the gestation period you pay attention to the recommendations to avoid mastitis and severe inflammation of the breasts.