Mini abdominoplasty

What is surgery?

The miniabdominoplasty, is a procedure to remove the excess skin of the area below the navel, with this intervention can also be achieved to remove excess fat from the abdominal area. 

The Procedure

In this surgery, the skin is separated from the lower abdomen, then tightened to remove the excess skin between the navel and lower abdomen, in this procedure does not move the navel. 


  • Absorbable sutures.
  • Disability of only 7 days.
  • Surgical time (90 min. Approx.)
  • Minimal pain.
  • Excellent results.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The estimated recovery time is 7 days.

This procedure is for people who have little excess skin in the area below the navel.

It is recommended to wrap from the second day and use it for at least one month, after the procedure the use of the girdle is optional.