Nose Surgery

What is surgery?

It is a procedure that modifies the structure of the nose in order to improve its shape. The most important thing before performing a nose surgery is the initial assessment where the real possibility of offering a desirable prognosis for the patient but above all realistic is determined. (In the cases presented, the immediate post-operative procedures are shown only 45 to 60 minutes of surgery and cases at 15 days post-operatively.


The procedure

With an exclusive technique in rhinoplasty we balance all the components. Small incisions are made to remove minimal excess parts of cartilage or modify them according to the patient's needs, achieving a natural and spectacular result.

Having an aesthetically pleasing nose is important, but it should also be kept in mind that it works properly and can breathe well. Therefore, our goal is to achieve a harmonious result that will last over time while maintaining its functionality.

We do not leave the uncomfortable nasal plugs in most patients, our modern technique allows for minimal swelling and sometimes few bruises. In addition, given the way we handle surgery, through special blockages on the face we manage to control pain in an important way, allowing the patient to quickly re-establish his or her working life.



  • No nasal plugs are left.
  • Very small casts are left to be removed on the 5th day.
  • Minimal swelling and bruises.
  • Minimum surgical time (approx. 45 to 60 min.).
  • Short incapacity of only 3 days.
  • Hundreds of satisfied patients with a minimal re-operation rate.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Rhinoplasty is not a disabling surgery, since our unique and modern technique does not leave nasal plugs, there is minimal bleeding and little inflammation, however we recommend three days of relative rest, which consists of avoiding intense physical activity and exposure to direct sunlight. Local ice in the first 48 hours and then warm water cloths can help in the process of deflation. It is essential to use sunscreen until the purple ones disappear, otherwise the skin may be stained.